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Thank you for considering becoming a contractor for BartenderGirl  there are three easy steps that you must follow including filling out this form:

Don't forget that you must COMPLETE Our orientation workshop, the orientation runs all year round, over the internet.

If you have any questions contact us at: 1.909.862.2230

Step 1: Fill out Your Personal Information:

Referred by:

-Write name or source of referral


Full Legal Name:


Land Line Phone:

Cell Phone:

For verification purposes we may call this phone number. To avoid delay, please make sure it is correct


Cell phone Provider:



Do you have a web site or Facebook email:

If yes enter your full address here, including http://

Looking to work as:

Select the category that best suit your needs.



Driver's License or ID No:


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Social Security Number or EIN:


Date of birth:


Your Age:


Are you bilingual?


Current Hair Color:


Eyes Color:


Your Current Height:


Pants Size:


T-Shirt/Shirt Size:


Shoes Size


Approximate Weight


Current/Billing Address:

Street Address:


Address (cont.):
Zip Code:

Along with this application you must make a minimum payment of $1.50 if you are applying for a student-fee-waiver or recession-to-work program.  All contractors must pay or a $12.00 fee for the background check in order to process this request (If you don't qualify for a fee-waiver).  (DUIs, Drug possession misdemeanors do not count against you to work)

The background check fee, will be charged to you even if you fail the check, payment for one of or both fees must be made using your credit card or ATM. Your payment will insure expedite processing of your contract with us, after that in less than 1-3 days all your paper work will be e-mail to you. If you can not pay either fee right now, we have a financial assistance program, must call the main office!  If you prefer to speak with someone about this call our office at: 909-862-2230.

Step 2: Payment Information:

Reason for payment:
Amount to Charge:
Credit or Debit Card Type:   Required
Card Number:  

Expiration Date: 

Month   Year 

Card Id: 

  What's This?


The credit card information on this page is encrypted before it is sent to BartenderGirl.Com server  for processing.



Final Security check, to make sure that is a human accessing this form please type thone (1) character as it appears below. It's Case sensitive, type letter and/or number as shown below! Then click "Submit Reservation". (There is one character and/or number only) Pay attention to the letter case, no the size of the character.  Some people may confuse small size letter as lowercase.

Enter the code shown below
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