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Throwing a Valentine's Day Party

I feel delighted at the very thought that there is one day that is truly dedicated to lovers. It is on this day when couples exchange love BartenderGirl Valentine's Specialnotes and they open up their hearts and profess their love feelings to their loved ones. In the words of Voltaire, " Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination." Love is about "Two souls but with a single thought, two heart that beat as one." It is the biggest blessing of god, if you get the love of the person you love. When love is so special, I think it calls for a party and a time to celebrate the uniting of lovebirds.

Yes you got it right I'm indeed talking about a Valentine's Day party. In fact valentines parties are not for just teens anymore. You'll find everything from beautiful decorations, delicious recipes, glamorous clothing, Valentine's party gifts basket to light soothing music and of course entertainment!

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If you too are planning a party, then check out some Valentine's Day romantic party ideas:
  1. First step starts with the preparation of invitation card. Personalize your party invitation. Paste a photo of some famous lover's on the card and cut the card in the shape of heart. Do not forget to write some famous love quotes and tie it with a red satin ribbon.

  2. If the party is meant for couples, then you can keep some dress code resembling a romantic style.

  3. Spread a red carpet in order to give a warm welcome to guests.

  4. Place a happy Valentine's day banner on the main door.

  5. Place heart shaped candle stands and flower vases at different corners and windows.

  6. Decorate your ceiling with hanging heart shape balloons and cute little cupids.

  7. Follow Valentine's theme such as curtains, table cover, mapkins, etc.

  8. To spark the mood for romance, play romantic songs. Romantic instrumental songs are a great way to set the perfect mood. You can hire our Disc Jockey to help you come up with a play list! View top love songs.

  9. Stick Valentine's day cards and love notes on the wall.

  10. To spice up people's love life, initiate activities and games like paper dance and questionnaire game. To know about valentine games see the link below for Valentine's day games. View here

  11. Bake or buy a heart shaped cake, heart shaped cookies and a bottle of champagne.  This will take your partner's heart away and he/she will appreciate the all you put into the special day. 

  12. Plan out a special menu of the day. Call our catering department to help you with Valentine's day recipes.

  13. Let our bartenders prepare delicious drinks for your guests.  See Bar Service.

  14. To bring a smile to your lover's face, place smiley heart shape cupids in your bedroom.

  15. Prepare garlands of Valentine's flowers and place them all over your home.

  16. Have you purchased a Valentine's gift for your sweetheart, if not then get going and buy a gift for your Valentine. For ideas see Valentine's Day gifts.

  17. Don't forget to hire BartenderGirl if you need decoration help or tips.

BartenderGirl Valentine's Special.I am sure by now you must have a clear idea of how to plan a Valentine's day party.  So don't forget that BartenderGirl can help you.  call us at: 1.800.665.0804

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