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What are the differences  between a regular bartender and a cabana Pool boy?
Cabana boys provide a variety of services that help ensure a pleasant pool or party experience for our clients and your guests. Our cabana boy perform these additional services:

Description: A cabana boy is a male attendant who serves the guests of a hotel or large private estate, operating from a nearby cabaña, often on a beach.
However our Cabana boys, performs the same duties as a regular cabana boy but each of our cabana boys are trained  to provide these additional services:

Personal chef, bartender, cook, cocktail wait staff, and pool toy! (Just kidding on the pool toy!)

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Cabana boys at
The duties of a cabana boy, also called a pool attendant or pool host, or a pool toy (just kidding), duties vary depending on the client and services requested (includes and are not limited to Bartending, cooking, cleaning (work area). 

At our typical job description will include the following: 

Food & Beverages Preparation
Cooking, food warming, preparation (appetizers, BBQ or finger food).  Making all alcohol and non alcoholic beverages

Personal Care
Providing assistant to bring you and your guest towels, beach chairs, pool floats, suntan lotions.

Pool Area Care
BartenderGirl.Com Cabana boys are responsible for keeping the pool areas neat and ready for client use, we are also certified in CPR and Lifeguard Safe techniques. 

Client Care:  Applying lotion, toy (kidding) play games  and taking pictures!

Furthermore, Cabana boys at BartenderGirl.Com also are responsible for taking drinks request and the preparation of such. Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and snacks are among our common duties. We are insured and screened. cabana boy may be assigned to a specific number of clients, for every 15 guest is best  to have 1 Cabana Boy and 1 helper.  Need a Quote?

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Cabana Boy at BartenderGirlcom
Real client, and a a real cabana boy at private party for 
Client's face has been mask due to our privacy policy!

All staff, bartenders and wait staff are T.I.P.S, L.E.A.D.S certified, licensed, and insured.


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BartenderGirl  serves the greater Los Angeles area including, Beach Communities, Orange County, San Diego County, Palm Springs, Palm Dessert and the Inland Empire, company has been in business since the year 2000.
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All of our staff are T.I.P.S., ABC L.E.A.D.S certified, Responsible Beverage Service Trained certified (RBS), COVID-Compliant, ABC licensed, screened, and insured.
View a list of the services that we can provide.  We have males and females staff.

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