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BartenderGirl.Com is one of the leading bartending services, and event planning companies in Southern California.  If you have questions or would like additional information please call us at: 1-800-665-0804.

Need to make a reservation do it here. Need to see what we can do - Read it here. We handle the vendors, create amazing concepts and stir up energy and excitement of which the competition is incapable. We will meet or beat any competitor's price on any of our services. See Latest Event Picture

Don't be fooled by imitators, trust the original.  Have some questions?  We got answers here.

A few of the companies and celebrities that we have served!

  1. See Latest Event Picture

  2. had the privilege to bartend at The Lyric Theatre in Los Angeles on July 19th 2014 for a live performance of Rubberhead. The atmosphere was hip, fun and very entertaining. This entertainment brought comedian Sarah Silverman, who guest hosted the show and actor Michael Sheen from the Showtime series Masters of Sex to the
    showing. It was an event to remember!

  3. Applebee's Highland

  4. Zoe Mayer Pamper Pary - September 18 2010

  5. LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards - Jan. 11, 2010

  6. Bartender Services @ Season 2 Peter Perfect

  7. Bar Service for Heavy Metal in Baghdad Scion Film Festival

  8. BartenderGirl @ Directors Guild of America, Asian Film Festival 2008

  9. BartenderGirl To Served at AT&T Champions Classic

  10. Full Event Planning to: San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

  11. Bartenders @ 50th Annual Grammy Awards

  12. Bar Service @ The Scion Independent Film Series

  13. Bartender Services to: Hugh Hefner

  14. Bartending & Coffee Bar Services to: Britney Spears

  15. Bartending Services to: HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher

  16. BartenderGirl Goes to the The Oscars

  17. Bartender & Wait Staff Services to: Julia Roberts

  18. Bartending Services to: Steven Spielberg

  19. Bartender & Wait Staff Services to: Madonna

  20. Bartender & Catering Services:  Destiny's Child

  21. Bartender Services to: Mix Restaurant

  22. Bartender Services to: Katie Wagner

  23. Bartender Services to: Rebecca Broussard

  24. Bartender Services to: Judd Nelson

  25. Bartender Services to: Tony Hawk at the Oakley Headquarters

  26. Bartender & Wait Staff Services to: Everybody Loves Raymond

  27. Bartender & Wait Staff Services to: Sugar Baby Grand Opening

  28. Bartender, DJ & Wait Staff Services to: CBS - Big Brother

  29. Bartender Services to: Bikeout.Org

  30. Bartender Services to: Long Beach Police Department

  31. Bartender Services to: Curios George - Universal

  32. Bartender & Catering Services: OTX Celebrate in Style "Margarita Time"

  33. Bartender & Catering Services: Halls & Partners

  34. Bartender Services to: DH1

  35. Bartending & Catering Services: Janet Jackson - Damitas Jo

  36. Bartender Services to: The Carousel - Santa Monica Pier

  37. Bartending & Catering Services: The Steve harvey Morning Show

  38. Bartender & Catering Services: The Beat 100.3

  39. Bartender Services to: Pixel Perfect

  40. Bartender Services to: Survivor

  41. Bartender Services to: Bartendergirl at stage 10 with Wanda

  42. Bartender Services to: Seal is Back with his new Album

  43. Bartender Services to: Fox 11 News

  44. Bartender & Catering Services: Kissing Jennifer Stain

  45. Bartender Services to: Lost boy found! - Kiefer Sutherland

  46. Bartender Services to: BartenderGirl's Strike-Out Dodger's Pitcher

  47. Bartender Services to: BartenderGirl Goes to VC Film Fest 2003

  48. Bartender Services to: Better Luck Tomorrow

  49. Bartender Services to: BartenderGirl Goes Mad

  50. Bartender Services to: Reba Meets BartenderGirl

  51. Bartender Services to: Jack Nicholson's daughter's birthday

  52. Bartender Services to: Nardulli.Com

  53. Bartender Services to: Billy Zane congratulates BG for great service

  54. Bartender Services to: John Goodman said " You Guys are Terrific"

  55. Bartender Services to: Warner Brothers Christmas Event

  56. Bartender Services to: Playboy Mansion  for a Private Party

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