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Can you provide a Certificate of insurance for my event? 
Yes, we can.  (Alcohol Liability, General Liability and Worker's Comp with an minimum of $4 Millions maximum of $10 Millions) Read more

Click Icon For HelpHow many bartenders will I need for my party?
Simple 1 bartender for every 50 Guests and and if you need cocktail or wait staff you will need 1 for every 2 tables (12 Guests).

Click Icon For HelpWhat drinks should I serve on my event?
Download our drink menu and print it for your event  Drink Menu

Or let our professional event planners help you create a customized drink menu for your event.

Click Icon For HelpCan I buy the shaker that you use?
How about the t-shirts?  Off course!  buy our T-Shirt

Click Icon For HelpDoes BartenderGirl provide the liquor?
Either or, you can buy it yourself, or let us bring it for you! (Additional cost will apply!) Better yet, why not use our Concierge Service

Click Icon For HelpCash or Hosted Bar
Yes, we can but proper permits will be required.  This option can only be handle by our event planners and permit expert personal.  For a detail quote call 1-800-665-0804 Do you need a liquor license for your event? can provide your with the ABC liquor permit that you need for your event from any of our qualify vendors and caters. Read about permits & Insurance.

Click Icon For HelpFemale or Male Bartender Staff Request?
We have both, but remember we reserved the right to make substitutions and changes on gender request. View some of our staff pictures

Click Icon For Help How much to tip? Here is the answer.

Click Icon For HelpWhy Is My Bartender Wearing Gloves?

Wow!! This is the company I want!! Click here to make a reservation.

Umm!  Do you still need to learn about more about us. Read our qualifications

Click Icon For HelpHow Much Liquor Should I Buy?
Suggested Liquor Amounts For 100 Guests

Bartender Drink MenuWith BartenderGirl.Com you have the ability to purchase your own liquor for the bar; that’s great news because you can save lots of money!
However, deciding what to buy and how much can be confusing. Here are some general guidelines for a suggested amount of alcohol based upon 100 guests:

If you are responsible for setting up the entire bar, be sure to include the following: Also have you try our drink cost calculator

If you have a special occasion coming up, and you're
looking for a reliable, professional, licensed and insured
company then BartenderGirl is right  for you!
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