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Jockey Box Rentals

BartenderGirl.com is happy to provide kegs delivery and Jockey Box rentals for weddings, parties, corporate events, or fraternities parties in conjunction with our professional Bartending Services :  (You need to hire our professional bartender in order to use our Jockey boxes)

  • Tap Rental (with keg delivered from us) - $60.00
  • Tap Rental (without keg delivered) - $95.00
  • Keg Bucket for keeping keg on ice - $11.00
  • Jockey Box Single Tap - $95.00
  • Jockey Box Dual Tap - $135.00
  • Jockey Box High Volume Dual Tap - $175.00 Get a Quote | More Questions?
What is a Jockey Box? A 'Jockey Box' is a portable draft beer system that you hook up to dispense your keg!

You simply hook it up to the keg, fill the cooler unit with ice and a little bit of water, turn on the gas and pour ICE COLD BEER just like the pros! No electricity required!

Jockey Box Rentals


  • Ice cold beer from beginning to end.
  • Easy to use - no foaming caused by over pumping.
  • Beer does not go flat like with hand pumps
  • Purity - no exposure to air, jockey boxes use CO2 to dispense the beer.
  • The same systems brewers use at festivals and fairs!
Single Tap Jockey Box, with detail of inside showing stainless steel coil that keeps beer cold on the way to your glass.
JOCKEY BOX Jockey Box Rentals

 Dual-Tap High Capacity Jockey Box with 120' coils - Recommended for weddings, events, and large parties!

Jockey Box Rentals

Deposits are held as pending against the credit or debit card left for the deposit or in cash. All deposits refundable upon return of keg shells and/or equipment in good working order. Late returns will incur additional fees as specified in rental agreement. Damaged or broken equipment or shells may be charged to the full value of the deposit. Rental contract required on all equipment rentals with deposits greater than $100.
Deposits Get a Quote | More Questions?

  • Keg Shell Deposit - $100.00
  • Tap Deposit (Party Pump) - $80.00
  • Keg Bucket - $80.00
  • Jockey Box Single Tap Deposit - $550.00
  • Jockey Box Dual Tap Deposit - $650.00
  • Jockey Box High Volume Dual Tap Deposit - $750.00

"A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure."

Rent our Jockeys Boxes, Portable 6ft or 4ft bars, Chocolate Fountain Machine.

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